Bed Wetting in Adults and Homeopathic Treatment

Bed wetting and Homeopathy
Bed Wetting in Adult and Homeopathic Remdies

Homeopathic treatment is best method to cure Bed Wetting in children as well adults. Bed Wetting is also called Nocturnal enuresis. Bed wetting is common in children but is not uncommon in adults. Today I would like to present a case of Adult Bed Wetting. The patient is an House wife. she is the wife of a school teacher. She is using Homeopathic medicines for anxiety neurosis, antral gastritis and bronchial asthma. But nothing is cured with Homeopathic medicines which I have selected since many days. The patient is a very anxious women of … Read the rest

Relief of Sciatic nerve pain with Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy Sciatica Remedies works wonderfully in curing the disease. Relief of Sciatic nerve pain with Homeopathy is not difficult.Example is I have treated a case of sciatica recently. Mr.J.S is suffering from Sciatica pain on right side. His MRI Spine reveals that there are multiple disc degenerations. Lumbar disc bulge is also noted. The patient is unable to walk with Sciatica pain. He is almost bed ridden with sciatica pain since ten days.

relief of sciatic nerve pain
Sciatica Nerve Pain

The patient attendants approached me with reports. They explained the condition of the sciatica patient. I asked about the general symptoms to know the constitution … Read the rest

Homeopathy Stress Remedies for Permanent Cure

Homeopathy and Stress
Homeopathy and Stress

Stress in nothing but a way of bodies response to demand or threat. Our nervous system manage the stress by releasing number of Hormones.Stress may be positive or negative depending on the situation demand. The hormones released by our body also defers depending on the type of stress. Main hormones involved in stress management are Adrenaline and Cortisol.Homeopathy Stress Remedies  especially works on the Hormone imbalance that causes stress. There by cure the symptoms of stress permanently.

Homeopathy Stress and Anxiety Treatment:

Most stress symptoms manifest themselves as mental and emotional states. Which have become exaggerated beyond the … Read the rest

About Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD (Homeo)

Dr.Devendra Kumar
Dr.Devendra Kumar MD

I am Dr.Devendra Kumar, I am a Homeopathic physician. I pursued my BHMS degree from Dr.Gururaju Govt Homeopathic Medical College,Gudivada and MD Homeopathy from JSPS Govt Homeopathic Medical College,Hyderabad,India.
After completion of MD Homeopathy, I worked as Senior Research Fellow under Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, during this period I worked with Baba Atomic Research Centre scientists in Mumbai for 2 years; I was worked for the project “Fundamental Research “in Homeopathy. Our study related to measuring physiological variability in Heart Rate and Blood Flow after giving Homeopathic medicine to human subjects with the equipment called Medical … Read the rest